What Should I Eat Before Working Out?


People ask this question all the time to the nutritionist or to the dietitian. The reason behind this is that people are well aware of what to eat after a workout, but they are clueless about what they should eat before carrying out the workout.

So here are some ideal pre-workout meals which you should have before starting your workout.

Pre-workout Shakes

Pre-workout shakes are meant for before and after workout consumption. A 20 gram of fast digesting whey protein and some carbohydrates from berries,oatmeal or a banana can prove to be an ideal pre-workout meal. You will find one of the best pre-workout shakes at Vitaloid.com which cater some very great benefits.

Oats With Protein Powder

Probably this is considered to be a perfect pre-workout meal. Oatmeal with a combo of protein powder will provide you both short and long-term energy which you will require during your entire workout.

Veggie Omelet And Fruits

Eggs consist of proteins and fats which will help you in being full for a very long time. Just not that veggies and fruits will provide you the energy which will let you push hard during the workout.

Protein Of Your Choice, Sweet Potato And Broccoli

This is a classic bodybuilder’s meal, which requires a little cooking efforts and this is why an average person probably avoids this meal. But it provides all the nutrients and energy which you will require during a killer workout and for building strong muscles.

But before choosing a pre-workout meal listen to your body and figure out which food has a notable effect on your energy levels and how soon you get fatigued.