Some Noteworthy Directors Behind Some Very Successful Movies


In the success of a movies the role of the director is as equal as the star cast and the other parts which help in making a movie. Majorly if the direction of the movie is not right then the movie will not be perfect. So here are some movie directors which are considered to be the best directors working in Hollywood now.

Martin Scorsese

Right from ‘Mean Streets’ to ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Scorsese is well known for taking up challenging projects and genres. He is the only director working for more than 40 years and still he hasn’t lost his touch either with the audience or the critics. His 70s and 80s peers such as Coppola may have got lost and forgotten in the oblivion, but he continues to produce movies which collect more than 100 million dollars at the box office and also get nominated for tons of Oscars.

Richard Linklater

If you really wish to learn about the beauty of life and its small insignificant moments, then take some time and watch movies of this guy. Richard has closely observed life which is incredibly enlightening. This can be experienced in his films like Before Sunrise/Sunset/ Midnight and Boyhood which are nothing but extracts out of ordinary life. No fancy story telling, no car crashes, no heroes, no villains, his movies just have humans flawed and real.

David Fincher

Fincher started his career as a music video director and from there on he just didn’t stop and went on to make some very big cult movies of all time. He seem to be much more attracted towards the the darker aspects of life and he surely does manage to pull it very well in his style. Then let it be his classics such as Fight Club, Se7en or his later films such as Zodiac, The Social Network and the most recently Gone Girl.