Academy Award Winners Who Didn’t Deserve The Award

academy award winner

Oscar is considered to be the most prestigious film awards and is a dream of every person who is associated with the film industry to hold that golden trophy once in their hands. Though this award is prestigious there has been a certain winner who have literally dropped the jaws and made people wondering that how they got it?

Here is a handful of biggest blunders made by the committee of Oscar.

Victor Fleming For “Gone With The Wind’

Gone With The Wind is no doubt a very popular classic and holds a record of selling most tickets sold and for that Victor Fleming had won the Best Directors award in the Oscar. But a lot of people think that Victor was not the only one who deserved the award. Gone With The Wind was made by a trilogy of directors and Victor was one of the directors who had worked on the film. So the award should have been shared between the three rather than just given to Victor Fleming alone.

The Greatest Show On Earth

Cecil B DeMille has been known as a key figure in the history of American cinema, but this doesn’t mean that all his films were great. His film The Greatest Show on Earth is a very gaudy circus story but it had still managed to bag the award for the Best Picture at the Oscars in 1953.

Around The World In 80 Days

At times it’s just not that the Academy only goes wrong with the winner, but sometimes it also goes wrong with the whole damn ceremony. The year was 1957 and during that period a lot of epic films had been released such as ‘The Searchers’, ‘Written on the Wind’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’. But that year Oscar had nominated some epical crud films such as ‘Around The World In 80 Day’, ‘Giant’, ‘The King and I’ and ‘The Ten Commandments’. Eventually, the turgid family romp “Around The World In 80 Days’ won the award for the Best Picture.

Some Impressive Facts About 2016’s Oscars


The 88th Academy Awards is over and finally, the wait of Leonardo DiCaprio is over and this year he received his first Academy Award after being nominated for several times. But this year Caprio’s win was just not the highlight of Oscars.

There were several fascinating things which are associated with this year’s nominees. So roll the red carpet out and be ready to go on a roller coaster ride through the unknown world of this year’s Academy Awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio Appeared In Two Best Picture Nominees

You most probably knew about DiCaprio starrer The Revenant was nominated for the Best Picture category but there is one another film of DiCaprio which was also nominated in the same category and i.e Room. If you have a close look at Joy’s bedroom you may find DiCaprio’s face hanging on a wall. Yes in the movie Joy just like many teens had a crush on the Titanic heartthrob.

Three Nominated Movies Featured A Character Named “Joy”

“Joy” is reported to be the 374th most popular name in America this year and also the most popular name in this year’s Oscar. This name was featured in 3 nominated movies: Room, Inside Out and Oscar race. Both Brie Larson ad Jennifer Lawrence were in the race for the Best Actress so there were two out of five chances of someone playing a women character named “Joy” would win the awards. According to prediction Brie Larson got home with the Oscar for “Joy”.

Sylvester Stallone’s Sets A Record

This year Sylvester Stallone has set a record for getting nominated for the same character twice in the Academy Awards. This year Stallone was nominated for The Best Supporting Actor for the movie Creed in which he has once again portrayed the character of Rocky Balboa 39 years after he had originally portrayed the same character in the 1976 film Rocky.

These facts must have definitely impressed you and raised your interest more in this prestigious awards which are a dream of every person in the film industry.

Some Noteworthy Directors Behind Some Very Successful Movies


In the success of a movies the role of the director is as equal as the star cast and the other parts which help in making a movie. Majorly if the direction of the movie is not right then the movie will not be perfect. So here are some movie directors which are considered to be the best directors working in Hollywood now.

Martin Scorsese

Right from ‘Mean Streets’ to ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Scorsese is well known for taking up challenging projects and genres. He is the only director working for more than 40 years and still he hasn’t lost his touch either with the audience or the critics. His 70s and 80s peers such as Coppola may have got lost and forgotten in the oblivion, but he continues to produce movies which collect more than 100 million dollars at the box office and also get nominated for tons of Oscars.

Richard Linklater

If you really wish to learn about the beauty of life and its small insignificant moments, then take some time and watch movies of this guy. Richard has closely observed life which is incredibly enlightening. This can be experienced in his films like Before Sunrise/Sunset/ Midnight and Boyhood which are nothing but extracts out of ordinary life. No fancy story telling, no car crashes, no heroes, no villains, his movies just have humans flawed and real.

David Fincher

Fincher started his career as a music video director and from there on he just didn’t stop and went on to make some very big cult movies of all time. He seem to be much more attracted towards the the darker aspects of life and he surely does manage to pull it very well in his style. Then let it be his classics such as Fight Club, Se7en or his later films such as Zodiac, The Social Network and the most recently Gone Girl.